Ubtech First Order Stormtrooper Robot
Ubtech First Order Stormtrooper Robot
Ubtech First Order Stormtrooper Robot

Ubtech First Order Stormtrooper Robot

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Brand: UBTech


  • Protect from the First Order against the Resistance in your own room issuing direct verbal orders and launch attacks via the app interface
  • Speak Directly to your Storm trooper to carry out your bidding
  • Create a database of up to three faces using the facial biometrics feature for customized interactions
  • Order your Storm trooper to patrol the designated area to detect and respond to intruders
  • Connect your Storm trooper via secure Wi-Fi and start having fun with iOS and Android compatible app

Publisher: Ubtech

Warranty: 6 months

Details: Product detailsUbtech Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Robot

  • Official Star Wars 16-inch tall remote control First World Stormtrooper Robot
  • Self-balancing technology allows this robot to stay upright of its own accord
  • Sentry mode functionality sees your Stormtrooper patrol and monitor your personal space
  • Control your Stormtrooper through your iOS or Android smartphone
  • Can be programmed to respond to and obey direct voice commands
  • Play games in first and third person through connected augmented reality app
  • Biometric identification lets your Stormtrooper remember up to three faces
  • Advanced encryption technology keeps all stored information safe

Your own loyal soldier
Command your own little troop with this innovative and intelligent First Order Stormtrooper Robot from Ubtech. The 16-inch soldier is built with Ubtech's most advanced humanoid robot technology. The Stormtrooper moves with a lifelike fluidity and has integrated self-balancing technology that keeps it upright and stable as it marches along with you. Made in partnership with Disney and Lucasfilm, it is crafted to be movie accurate so your miniature Stormtrooper will have all the loyalty and dedication of Kylo Ren's own minions.
Smart control

One of the most obedient soldiers in the galaxy, your Stormtrooper will obey your every command. It can be controlled via the free companion app for both iOS and Android and you can program it to respond to and obey voice commands. The app comes with built-in first and third person augmented reality modes that let you battle the resistance in your own home. Using the simple app interface and direct verbal orders, you can immerse yourself in the war that rages through the stars with your trusty Stormtrooper by your side.

The future of droid security
Far more than a toy or a decoration, this robot can be commanded to p

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Package Dimensions: 14.4 x 8.9 x 4.9 inches