Tamagotchi P's Purple
Tamagotchi P's Purple

Tamagotchi P's Purple

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Brand: Bandai


  • target gender: b> girl
  • battery type: 2 b> single 4 x (included).

Publisher: Bandai

Details: Product introduction "Tamagotchi P's" appeared to add a new function POINT1:!! Which data can be added in the Tama Dekopiasu sold separately, view of the world download the whole POINT2 training characters, games, outing, etc. Item: three-four! ! POINT3 group-to-Shin is possible: If you leave make a message when the message exchange function, to-to-Shin, look forward to new full of 32 people personality development character also full are exchanged when you-to-shin and Two died after! characters who assemble in full force, training and play power-up battery use significantly:! single 4 x 2 (supplied) Product Description Tamagotchi special memories of your own remains a lot! New characters who full of personality "32 people character development" in full force! Possible-to-core of the iD L! Or get the point Gotch, can enjoy special effect! The must-have items you want to carry more and more! Tama Dekopiasu is sold separately. Package size: 80 (width) 110 (height) 50 (back) mm Target age: 6 years old or older Battery: two AAA 4 x (included)

UPC: 698887361064

EAN: 0787793809743

Package Dimensions: 4.4 x 3.3 x 2.1 inches