Star Wars 630509505890 Action Figure
Star Wars 630509505890 Action Figure

Star Wars 630509505890 Action Figure

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Brand: Star Wars


  • Four awesome 6" troopers from the Grand Army of the Republic. Set includes the first-ever 6-inch Clone Troopers based on the legions from Revenge of the Sith!
  • 212th Attack Battalion Clone Trooper - Orange you glad Obi-Wan Kenobi's Clones are here? Standing 6-inches tall, this super-articulated figure comes armed to take aim at threats on Utapau - and eventually one Jedi Master Kenobi.
  • 501st Legion Clone Trooper - Vader's Fist! Blue-striped action figure is ready to serve Anakin Skywalker, and later Darth Vader, during the Clone Wars.
  • 442nd Siege Battalion Clone Trooper - Crush Cato Nemoidia! These lean mean green biological fighting machines were sent to crush the Trade Federation stronghold during the final hours of the Clone Wars.
  • Shock Trooper - The Emperor's squad! Charged with keeping Coruscant and the Emperor safe, these red-clad troopers are ready to help, and also mow down opposition to Palpatine's New Order.

Publisher: Hasbro

Details: 100% Authentic by Hasbro

UPC: 630509505890

EAN: 0630509505890

Package Dimensions: 9.4 x 8.6 x 5.2 inches