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Brand: P&B


  • The manual coupe-carreau Professional (engraving Poussée) capable of precise cutting and rapiditã all types of tiles and widths from 0 - 22 mm. Also ideal for cutting angle cutting of tiles vetrificate and, with the X x202 °F; # x20AC; tmaggiunta a special mosakit accessory. 58 for sale on our shop à ¨ able to cut ceramic mosaic and mosaic vetroso. "
  • This saw has a cast aluminium body and nickel-plated steel for the strength and inattaccabilitã by atmospheric agents, the tripod troncatore à ¨ anti-scratch made in special plastic material. Wheel Titanium Series

Publisher: P & B

Details: MASTERPIUMA 63P3 63 x 63 cm) tractor Professional (engraving) able to quick and precise cutting with all types of tiles - 22 mm thick. Perfect for bowls at the diagonal side, vetrificate and with the addition of a special accessory (Art. 58 not included) is able to cut CERAMICO and Vetroso mosaic. With a special troncatore tiling set for easy spessorate and/or particularly hard. Suitable for & # x202 °F: The Incision pulse proves to be effective in all materials, and essential on sizes tiles. On the team are two scales of measurement & # x202 °F: The first, which is placed on the sloping section refers to the edge of the tile and provides the right balance for all angles. The second scale printed on the upper part of the team, is an indicator of the diagonal for 45 ° and is especially useful for posatori cuts. The handle has many features & # x202 °F: - The dual slot, which comes in the handle after ") as well as in the usual cuts (without any need to cut setback on the angle of the tiles or mosaic pieces and to be automatically placed with a single movement. - The lubrificatore For The Roulette Wheel (Titanium Coated that can be directly activated when required by the user, with a slight pressure on the soap pump. - The system R.A.S., cylinder Material antifrizione antiusura always holds the contact with the probe/crossed it any lateral movement, ensures perfect glide of the portautensile and so the engraving superprecise. has a die cast aluminum frame and nickel-plated steel, the rack troncatore is made from re wheel in resistant plastic material Titanium, team and extension clips on the inside of the machine. Pull out slot safely to and from the tiles tiles and bead molleggiati For Plans.

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EAN: 8023743018073

Package Dimensions: 39.2 x 15.9 x 9.7 inches