Kaweco DIA2 Fountain Pen Chrome Pen Nib: F (fine)

Kaweco DIA2 Fountain Pen Chrome Pen Nib: F (fine)

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Brand: Kaweco


  • Kaweco Dia II Fountain Pen C.C. Black F (fine)

Package Dimensions: 6.2 x 2.8 x 1.3 inches

Publisher: Kaweco

Details: Kaweco Dia II fountain pen C.C. Black F (fine)
Classic fountain pen with steel spring and iridium tip by Bock Heidelberg for converters and ink cartridges.
High quality CNC acrylic and metal fabrication.
Solid brass clip, solid weight.
Classic design from the 40s.
The distinctive knurling on the cap and shaft has been the design element of the shiny black Kaweco DIA2 series since it was first introduced around 1930. Equipped with a beautiful, solid brass clip, the Kaweco DIA2 is a classic that leaves nothing to be desired. All metal fittings with high quality chrome plating. The 4 writing systems and the DIA2 Kawecomat as multifunction pen cover all requirements for modern writing. Timelessly beautiful like a DIAmant.

EAN: 4250278606763