Top Five Cities for Green Living

Nowadays one of the biggest issues is climate change. The planet has been substantially damaged by all the different ways in which we have industrialized the production of goods. More and more, people are beginning to see this, and it is leading to the development of many environment-preserving measures.

This can often be seen on the individual level, but even more important are the changes that entire communities are making. Whole cities can be found nowadays putting forward so-called "green" policies in an effort to best preserve the planet.

If you are someone who deeply cares about the environment, you might be interested in what cities these are. Whether the info is needed purely for curiosity's sake, travel, or if you are actually planning on moving, this list will provide you with much of the info you need to know.

So without further ado, let us start off with:


Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is the greenest city in Canada and one of the greenest in the world. It is the birthplace of Greenpeace and a shining example of what an eco-friendly city should look and act like.

Located in an area surrounded by mountains, forests, and the ocean, it was a bit of a no-brainer for its citizens to put in the effort to be more environmentally friendly. 93% percent of the city's energy comes from renewable sources, and there are still efforts going on to up that percentage even further.

The city is built in such a way to ensure that every citizen is only ever five minutes away from a green space, constantly reminding them of nature's value and importance.

Despite all of this, however, Vancouver tirelessly continues to implement and encourage things such as cycling to work, utilizing renewable energy sources, and making their citizens as conscious as possible regarding the importance of taking care of their environment.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has ever reigned as one of, if not the greenest city on the planet. This seems to be a trend with a lot of the Scandinavian cities, as they all demonstrate enviable respect for the environment.

In Copenhagen, it is much more fashionable and enjoyable to cycle to work rather than use cars, which only a small percentage (29%) of households own. Its CO2 emissions are quite mild and it is set to become a CO2-neutral city by 2025.

The reason for Copenhagen being so successful in its endeavor to fight pollution is simply because its citizens have realized the dangers of not doing so. It is the result of a mindset shift which made people see that the "good life" can also be lived by riding a bike to work and buying local goods.


Stockholm, Sweden

Yet another Scandinavian city on our list. We told you that they have it down when it comes to being green.

One of the prime factors in Stockholm's environmental friendliness is its cold climate, which encourages people to look for more energy-efficient ways to do things. Quite a portion of its population uses public transit (a good percentage of which runs on renewable energy), and many cycle to and from work. Only a small minority actually own private vehicles, and there is a push to further cut down that number.

Another big factor in Stockholm's greenness is its efficient system of recycling heat and energy, particularly from locations such as its large stadium. This makes an easy way to conserve energy while not having to compromise on the services that energy is used to provide.

Interspersed with green spaces, pleasantly chilly, and clean as a whistle, Stockholm is an amazing example of a true eco-friendly city.


Portland, Oregon

Portland owns the title of being America's greenest city, and with good reason. This is one of the cleanest cities in the world, mostly due to factors similar to those of cities we have previously mentioned on the list.

An estimated 25% percent of workers commute by bike, carpool, or public transport to work, and the city's extensive network of bike paths only serves to encourage more to do so. The city recovers almost half of its waste, which is an astonishing achievement for such a large city.

Another amazing thing about this city is its pledge to switch to using 100% renewable energy by 2050.

When its size is taken into account, one must admire the spirit and dedication of its citizens when they have managed to cut pollution down to such a negligible level.


San Francisco, California

If you thought Portland was impressive for being a large city with brilliant results when it comes to pollution reduction, San Francisco is even bigger!

San Francisco does an amazing job at recycling, so much so that it eventually recovers two-thirds of all its waste. In addition, it has banned several products that cause environmental damage. It is home to many experts when it comes to recycling and environmental preservation in general, which also helps explain why it has such a fool-proof network of green policies.

Being the sixth most eco-friendly city in the world, San Francisco effortlessly dispels the myth that to be a large city means to be a large polluter. This is simply not the case and it is cities like this which reveal such excuses to be simply that: excuses. All it takes is knowledge and some effort.

Alternative Green Cities 

From this list, we see that we can find green cities all over the world. While there are some Asian eco-friendly cities such as Singapore and Hong Kong, they did not make this list as it is a rather short one.

One thing to take away from this list is that it does not really matter whether a city is big or small, or what kind of climate it is located in. In the end, it all comes down to the will of its citizens and how ready they are to sacrifice some things to make a cleaner world a reality.

If people put their minds and hands together, lists like this could be populated by many more cities from all around the globe.